Like prayer, music and preaching, liturgical dance can be integrated into the worship service. The word Liturgical comes from the word "liturgy" which means a Eucharist rite or ritual. In its highest form, liturgical dance is like a silver thread woven into the fabric of worship. As a ministry, dance is most effectively used to illuminate the scripture by bringing to life the stories of the Bible, and to celebrate the holy days of the church.

The mission of S.P.I.R.I.T. is to identify with those who feel called to the Dance Ministry of Covenant Baptist UCC by providing education and training on the use of dance to glorify God in praise and worship. Our purpose is to:

  • Worship God in body, mind, and spirit
  • Use our bodies as an instrument of prayer, devotion, praise, and spiritual warfare
  • Usher God's people into a higher realm of praise and worship through visual demonstration of the scriptures.
  • Bring new souls to Christ through outreach and community service via purpose-filled movement and publicly communing with God.

About Covenant

Affirming our African heritage, our vision is to build an inclusive body of biblical believers who continue to grow in Christ as we love, serve, and fellowship with the community and each other.

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Sunday School
9:00 AM

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10:00 AM

Bible Studies
NOON & 6:30 PM


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