Rev. Katrina Davis, M.Div

Reverend Katrina Davis has always been inquisitive about God, about people, and about how to live a life that is pleasing to God. As a young person, she was always told she was “wise beyond her years”, and she used that natural perspective to minister to her friends and classmate peers in all her environments: social, and academic.

Rev. Davis credits her grandparent’s example of Christian living for inspiring her to make Christ her own Savior from a young age. Their example of Christian love and a God-consciousness made so deep an impression that she was inspired to be a minister of the gospel even in college through the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship at The Ohio State University. There she discovered a passion for serving her peers as they navigated the tests and trials of their early adulthood.

After graduating from The Ohio State University, Rev. Davis matriculated to Drew Theological School where she obtained her Master of Divinity, with a focus on Church and Society. It was in this crucible of ministerial education and training that she discovered she was indeed called to a life of ministering to God’s people in this rapidly changing world.

It was her assignment with children’s church that inspired her second love - teaching. She has been a public school educator for 5 years, and has a passion for imparting both academic knowledge and holistic supports for her students.

Rev. Davis is a minister with a heart for the church as it is being born into a new era of humanity’s relationship to the world, and to the timeless, all-encompassing, and personal God. With a message about a God of love, who demands justice, yet is abounding in mercy, Rev. Davis seeks to help the church be reconciled to the people who may not have been welcomed for being their authentic selves in the world. The church is an extended family of those believing in Christ, and it is still the work of the minister to seek out those who do not yet know they are a part of the family.

While she often finds herself in ministerial contexts outside of the building of churches, Rev. Davis is always looking for opportunities to draw people closer to the God of the Bible, through honoring their experiences in the 21st century. As a part of that mission to the millennials and the generations to follow, Rev. Davis devotes time to dreaming up ways to engage the brave new frontiers of virtual fellowship and ministry, and connect the historical church to the church that is still being born.

Rev. Davis is a native Washingtonian who loves her home, which includes the 9th Ward, also known as Prince George’s County. Along with her husband, Louis, she seeks to serve the community and make real the beloved community which Christ teaches of in the gospel. Together, they are committed to caring for God’s creation, and God’s people.

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