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I can’t imagine what type of world it would be if people always got what they deserved. In fact, I can’t imagine what my own life would be if I always got what I deserved.

There are many days we wake up, begin our days, work toward our goals, endeavor in the direction of our dreams, and exhaust our to-do list without first seeking the wisdom and power of God dwelling within us. This Lenten season, take God with you!

Today is the first day of the Lenten season. As a child educated in New Orleans Catholic schools from Pre-K through high school, I have vivid memories of Lent. Lent was the time of year after Mardi Gras when I could find the most amazing fish plate on Friday afternoons at nearly any church across the city.

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Affirming our African heritage, our vision is to build an inclusive body of biblical believers who continue to grow in Christ as we love, serve, and fellowship with the community and each other.

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