Seek the Lord Always

How often do I seek God? How often do I seek God after the fact, after something has gone wrong or different than I hoped? How often do I seek God only for the big things and not everything? How often do I go about my life and my days without seeking God first? How often do I formulate my dreams, goals, and plans for my present and future without taking time to invite God and the Holy Spirit into my decision-making process?

Often! Often would be my answer to each of the aforementioned questions. Yet, this Lent and each day beyond it I’m challenging myself to seek God first and seek God always. To seek God in the simplest things, and not only the big things. To include God in the little decisions and not just the big ones that seem too complicated to make on my own. To walk with God and habitually invite God to walk with me; to guide my thoughts and my actions.

As you continue to journey this Lenten season and beyond, I challenge each of you to seek God, first, in all things.

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Affirming our African heritage, our vision is to build an inclusive body of biblical believers who continue to grow in Christ as we love, serve, and fellowship with the community and each other.

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