ChristAfrican Theological Institute

The ChristAfrican Theological Institute is a church community-based learning environment whereby members and non-members, clergy, and scholars will "do theology;" that is, explore who God is and how God applies to the everyday lives of persons of African descent. The Institute involves African-centered studies and the interactive study, discussion, development, and practice of theology.  It also critiques Christianity and the Church to render the Christian faith more responsive and relevant to contemporary problems, issues, and concerns within the African American community and throughout the African Diaspora.

About Covenant

Affirming our African heritage, our vision is to build an inclusive body of biblical believers who continue to grow in Christ as we love, serve, and fellowship with the community and each other.

Service Times

Sunday School
9:00 AM

Sunday Morning Worship
10:00 AM

Bible Studies
NOON & 6:30 PM


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